Google Vs Bing

Monday, September 7, 2009

I’ve tried hard to use Microsoft’s new search engine everyday at work. Unfortunately I had to switch back to Google because I was wasting too much time searching… Let me explain.

I’m pretty good at searching with Google, I always find what I need and even more. Google just works and it’s ranking algorithm amazes me. Few years ago I worked on building a search engine from scratch and I learned how the retrieval process works (thanks to Managing Gigabytes and Modern Information Retrieval). My point is that if you throw a crisp query to Google you will always get the right result.

Bing is a big improvement from Microsoft Live search, it’s really fast and returns much more relevant links. But unfortunately it’s not gone be enough to dethrone Google. I hope Microsoft will manage to fix it's ranking algorithm in the next upgrade, until then Google is king.

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